General Knowledge Questions #SET 1

As we are aware that General Knowledge is a very important area in all the competitive exams held in the country. Most of the students feel difficulty in scoring good marks in it. Nowadays, a good knowledge of general awareness is very important in clearing any competitive exam such as SSC, UPSC etc. To overcome all this you should have an understanding of the things happening around you.

Below is the list of few questions related to General Knowledge (INDIA):

The largest peninsular river & also having the largest catchment area is
- Godawari

Godawari rises from Trayambak (Maharastra)whereas river Krishna rises from
- Mahabaleshwar

The longest river in India is
- Ganga (2525 km)

River Ganga originate from ?
- The Ganga originates as Bhagirathi from the Gangotri glacier in Uttar Kashi District

Bhagirthi & Alaknanda both combines at
- Devprayag to form Ganga

Ganga's head stream is constituted of 2 main rivers which are
- Bhagirthi & Alaknanda

Alaknanda rises from
- Alakapuri Glacier

River Mandakini meets Alaknanda at
- Rudraprayaga

Which British physician tested the Water of Ganga and what he wrote in paper ?
- E. Hanbury Hankin, he wrote that The bacterium Vibrio Cholerae which causes the deadly Cholera disease, when put into the waters of Ganga died within three hours!

Name given to the running Integrated Ganga Mission
- Namami Gange

The most important Tributary of gang Mission
- Yamuna (1375Km)

Yamuna rises from
- Yamunotri Glacier in Uttrakhand

Yamuna after running parallel for 800km joins Ganga at
- Allahabad

Mahanadi rises from
- Shivalik in Bastar hills (MP)

The important river of India Deserts is
- Luni

River Brahmaputra (2900km) is known as Tsangpo in Tibet whereas Jamuna in
- Bangladesh

Brahmaputra total area is 2900 km whereas __________ flows in India
- 725km

Ganga is known as Padma in
- Bangladesh

The main tributary of Brahmaputra are
- Subansiri, Dhansiri, Manas & Teesta

Brahmaputra rises from Tibet's Angsi Blacier and enter to India  thru Arunachal Pradesh under the name of
- Dihang

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