District Dima Hasao, formerly known as North Cachar Hills, is a district in the state of Assam, India. It is located in the southern part of Assam and is surrounded by the districts of Karbi Anglong to the west, Nagaland to the south, and Manipur to the east. The district headquarters is located in Haflong, which is also the largest town in the district.

Dima Hasao District is known for its picturesque landscape, with hills, valleys, and rivers dotting the region. The district is inhabited by various indigenous communities, including the Dimasa tribe, which is the dominant community in the area. Other tribes such as the Hmar, Zeme Naga, and Kuki also reside in the district, adding to its ethnic and cultural diversity.

Haflong Lake
Panimur Waterfalls
Jatinga Bird Watching Centre
Haflong Children Park
District Museum
Narpuh Reserved Forest
Kupli Dam