Vaishali district is located in the state of Bihar, India. It is named after the ancient city of Vaishali, which was the capital of the Licchavi kingdom in ancient India. Vaishali is known for its historical and cultural significance.

Vaishali district is situated in the northern part of Bihar and is bordered by the districts of Muzaffarpur, Saran, and Samastipur. The district has a total area of approximately 2,036 square kilometers.

Gandhi Setu
Ramchaura Mandir
Vishwa Shanti Stupa
Chaumukhi Mahadev
Jain Mandir, Bawan Pokhar
Vaishali Museum
Ruins Of The Fort of Lichhavi King Vishal
Abhishek Pushkarni
Baraila Lake
Konhara Ghat
Hanuman Mandir Ambara Chowk , District Muzaffar Pur