Ganderbal (UT)

State: Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Statehood: 31 October 2019 10133 Views

District Ganderbal is a district located in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the central part of the Kashmir Valley and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The district headquarters is located in the town of Ganderbal.

The district is divided into six tehsils: Ganderbal, Kangan, Lar, Wakoora, Gund, and Tullamulla. It has a total of 147 villages and is known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. The economy of the district is primarily agricultural, with rice being the main crop grown in the area. Tourism also plays a significant role in the local economy, as the district is home to several popular tourist destinations, including the Manasbal Lake, Gangabal Lake, and the Kheer Bhawani Temple.

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