Paschim Medinipur, also known as West Medinipur, is a district located in the state of West Bengal, India. It is situated in the western part of the state and shares borders with Jhargram district to the west, Purulia district to the northwest, Bankura district to the north, and Purba Medinipur district to the east.

The district has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its historical significance. It was once a part of the ancient kingdom of Midnapore, which played a significant role during the independence movement of India. Paschim Medinipur is also home to several archaeological sites, temples, and historical monuments.

Jhargram Raj Palace
Rasmancha Temple
Ghagra Waterfalls
Kurumbera Fort
Gopegarh Ecopark
Chilkigarh Raj Palace
Khargeswar Temple
Parimal Kanan Park
Tarafeni River Dam
Sarbamangala Temple
Jhareswar Temple
Chilkigarh Kanak-Durga Temple
Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve
Khandarani Lake
Jhargram Mini Zoo
Gongoni- the grand canyon
Krish Garden
Nehru Museum of Science and Technology
Arabari Range Forest
Gurguripal Eco Park
Narajole Raj Bari
Lodhasuli Forest