This refund policy (the “Refund Policy”) covers the circumstances under which may in its discretion provide refunds, and is part of the Terms ( Use of the terms "we" and "us" in this Refund Policy means Vushii. Capitalized words not defined in this Refund Policy have the meaning as defined in the Terms. By using the Site, you are accepting this Refund Policy. If you do not agree to the Refund Policy, please do not use the Site.

Vushii may amend its Refund Policy at any time by posting a revised Refund Policy on the Site, and/or sending information regarding the amendment to the email address you provide to Vushii. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Site to obtain timely notice of such amendments. You shall be deemed to have accepted such amendments by continuing use of the Site or of your Account after such amendments have been posted or information about such amendments has been sent to you.

The two types of refunds that Vushii provides are for (1) First Time Purchases and (2) Recurring Payments. Refunds are provided in the form of crediting your Account balance with funds that may be used for future purchases of ads and subscriptions. The following is our refund policy for each type:

First Time Purchases:

The first time you make a purchase of an advertisement via the Site is a “First Time Purchase.” You must read all of the details provided for the applicable ad zone and be sure that you fully understand exactly what you are purchasing - including but not limited to the price, location on the website, number of ads sold in that zone, whether or not the ads rotate, whether or not you already have an ad in that same zone, and, of course, the website on which you will be advertising.

If, however, you wish to request a refund, you must notify us of your request within 24 hours of making your First Time Purchase. We will consider such a request on a case-by-case basis if your First Time Purchase meets the following criteria:

  • You purchased two ads in the same ad zone by accident; or
  • The publisher changed the location of the ads on its website during your purchase.

Recurring Payments:

Advertisements are sold through the Site as subscriptions, with each subscription period renewing every 30 days. In other words, when you purchase an advertisement you are setting up a recurring payment that will continue to automatically renew and re-bill every 30 days until it is canceled. You must understand and be aware of your active ads and subscriptions.

The dates that your subscriptions will automatically renew and re-bill are indicated in your Account as the “Next Bill Date.” Each payment, other than your initial payment for the first subscription period, is a “Recurring Payment.” If you wish to cancel a subscription, you must do so at least 24 hours before the date it is scheduled to automatically renew and re-bill. If you do not cancel your subscription on time, we will consider a refund request for a Recurring Payment on a case by case basis if you have submitted a refund request to us no later than 24 hours after the Recurring Payment was renewed or re-billed. In addition, your Recurring Payment must meet the following criteria:

  • This was your first Recurring Payment using the Site and you did not realize (although it is stated at checkout) that you were subscribing to the ad(s) and were unaware that the ad(s) would renew if not timely canceled; or
  • There was a documented software error that prevented your ad(s) from being canceled.

How to request consideration for a refund

It’s simple; just open a Support Ticket with the following details:

  • Ad ID;
  • Subscription ID;
  • Your Email ID;
  • The reasons why you would like us to consider a refund.

Vushii will consider granting refunds that are requested in the above stated timeframes and that meet the applicable criteria, and will grant refunds at its reasonable discretion. Nothing herein grants an obligation by Vushii to grant a refund.

Questions or Comments:

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Refund Policy, please contact us by e-mail at