01 May 1960
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Zand Hanuman Temple is a prominent Hindu temple located in Panchmahal (Godhra), Gujarat, India. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, a revered deity in Hinduism known for his devotion and strength.

The temple holds great religious significance and is a place of worship and devotion for devotees of Lord Hanuman. People visit the Zand Hanuman Temple to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman and to offer their prayers.

The temple complex is characterized by its vibrant and peaceful ambiance, attracting both local devotees and tourists. It often sees an increase in visitors during festivals dedicated to Lord Hanuman, where special prayers and ceremonies are held to honor the deity.

Gujarat (GJ)
Panchmahal (Godhra)

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Zand Hanuman Temple is located in Panchmahal (Godhra), Gujarat.

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