Economic Reforms In India

Economic Reforms are must to attain structural change in order to make economy more efficient and flexible India, as an integral part of world economy must adjust according to the changing circumstances abroad. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization are the three pillars of economic reforms.

Liberalization is the process of liberating the economy from the various regulatory and control mechanisms of the state and giving freedom to private enterprises. The rate of Industrial development, development of backward areas ensure export promotion and import substitution.

Privatization is one of the way of improving the efficiency of public sector units. It is not merely the transfer of ownership of government a public owned assets in to private hands. It is the second pillar of economic reforms in the country.

Globalization is a term which has recently come in to use along with liberalization and privatization. It is a third pillar of economic reforms. It is a process of global integration of products technology, labour and investment information, difference in prices & wages and interest rate.

Black Hole Accreation

The company star is an accreting binary system may also be black hole. Accretion into a black hole will look similar in many respects to accretion into a neutron star or while dwarf. A binary system in the large megellanic cloud in which one star is a more normal and one is estimated to have a mass of 5 solar masses or more.

And therefore is likely to be a black hole.

What Is "Black Hole"?

The name "Black Hole" was introduced by "John Archibald Wheeler" in 1967. A black hole is an object that is so compact. In other words, has enough massive and small enough in volume tone that its gravitational force is strong enough to prevent light or anything else for escaping.

The existence of black holes was first proposed in the 18th century, based on then known laws of gravity.

Black Holes And The Speed of Light

Black Holes almost exists and one of their basic properties is that they trap light. However, it is also true that nothing trap light. However, it is also true that nothing exceeds the speed of light. In fact the critical prediction of black holes is due to the general theory of relativity, which is built on the principle that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant. The analogy of of a cannon ball falling back to earth. With the trapping of light in a black hole is only a crude and suggestion one that is not correct at a fundamental level.

Black Holes in Binary Star System

It is thought that in some binary system one of the stars is a black hole. Although, the black hole cannot be seen directly, it can signal its presence if matter accreats from the other star in to black hole. The matter following in to black hole is likely to from an accreation disk.

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