List of Important National Parks of India

A national park is a reserved piece of land maintained by a national government for the welfare of wildlife in it.

In National Parks, all private rights, forestry operation and other uses such as grazing of domestic animals and cultivation, are prohibited. However, general public may enter into it for the purpose of observation and study. Certain part of Park are developed for tourism in such a way that enjoyment will not disturb or scare the animals.

There are at present 107 national parks in India as per Wikipedia report. Some important out of these are given in the list.

S.No. National Park State Area in ( Important Animals Protected
1 Corbett National Park Uttranchal 525 Tiger, Elephant, Crocodile, King Cobra, Peafowl
2 Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh 940 Tiger, Panther, Nilgai, Bull-four homed, Deer, Langur, Chinkara, Wild boar
3 Kaziranga National Park Assam 430 One homed rhino, Elephant, Python, Bison, Tiger, Leopard birds like Pelican
4 Gir National Park Gujrat 1142 Asiatic Lion, Panther, wild boar, Langur, Python, Green Pigeon
5 Bandipur National Park Karnatka 874 Chinkara, Elephant, Tiger Procupine, Malabar, Squirrel
6 Sundarbans National Park West Bengal 2,585 Crocodile, White tiger, esturine Crocodile
7 Pariyar National Park Kerala 777 Elephant, Panther, Tiger
8 Desert National Park Rajasthan 3000 Black Buck, Chinkara, Great Indian Bustard

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