[Must Visit Places] List of Delhi's Best Forts

The existence of the earliest forts in India have been substantiated by documentation and excavation. In the medieval times, the architecture of the forts had both Hindu and Muslim influence. The forts constructed by the British initially opted for simple designs. The existing castles are continually modified and many of them are privately owned.

Here is the list of top forts in delhi where you can visit and enjoy:

  1. Adilabad Fort
  2. Feroz Shah Kotla
  3. Jahanpanah
  4. Najafgarh Fort
  5. Purana Qila
  6. Qila Rai Pithora
  7. Red Fort
  8. Salimgarh Fort
  9. Siri Fort
  10. Qila Lal Kot
  11. Tughlaqabad Fort


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