Udupi district is a district located in the state of Karnataka, India. It is situated on the western coast of the country and is known for its beautiful beaches, historical temples, and rich cultural heritage. The district headquarters is the town of Udupi, which is famous for the Sri Krishna Temple and the renowned Udupi cuisine.

Udupi district has a diverse population comprising various communities and religions. The primary language spoken in the district is Tulu, followed by Kannada and Konkani. 

Shri Krishna Darshini
St Mary's Island
Sri Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple
Vidyuth electrical enterprises
Corporation Bank Heritage Museum (Coin Museum) Udpi
Shri Chandramouleeshwara Temple
Vishnumurthy Temple
Shankar Narayan Temple
Prasanna Ganapathi Temple
Ganapathi Temple
Sri Mahakali Temple - Ambalpadi
Bailoor Mahishamardini Temple
Kannarpady Shree Jaya Durgaparameshwari
Mother of Sorrows Church
Kanangi Temple
Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum
Milagres Church
Mannapalla Lake
Mattu Beach
Pithrody Udyavar Beach
Manipal Lake
Swarna River
Manipal Museum of Anatomy and Pathology
Venugopal Temple
Manipal End Point Park
Arbi Falls
Vadabhandeshwara Balaram Temple
Smriti Bhavan
Udyavara River
End Point
Sri Umamaheshwara Temple, Shivpadi
Daria Bahadurgad Fort
Sri Durga Devi Temple
Delta Beach Backwater
Hoode Beach Udupi
Pajaka Kshetra