General Knowledge - Punjab Facts

Punjab is extended from the latitudes 29.30 North to 32.32 North and longitudes 73.55 East to 76.50 East. It is bounded on the west by Pakistan, on the north by Jammu and Kashmir, on the north-east by Himachal Pradesh and the south by Haryana and Rajasthan. Due to a large number of rivers, most of the Punjab is a fertile plain. The south-east region of the state is semi-arid and gradually presents a desert landscape. A belt of undulating hills extends along the northeastern part of the state at the foot of the Himalayas.

S.No. Question Answer
1 What was the original name of "Banda Singh Bahadur": Lachman Das
2 Banda Singh Bahadur belonged to: Rajori Area (Jammu)
3 Lachman Das who later on was known as Banda Bahadur renounced the world and acquired the name: Madho Das
4 Lachman Das after renouncing the world acquired the name Madho Das and settled at: Panchvati (Nasik)
5 Madho Das met Guru Gobind Singh at and ____ acquired the new name Banda Bahadur: Nanded
6 _____ was sent by Guru Gobind Singh to Punjab to seek revenge from enemies of khalsa: Banda Bahadur
7 Banda Bahadur conquered Sirhind defeating the mughal forces led by: Wazir Khan, Governor of Sirhind
8 Wazir Khan was defeated by Banda Bahadur at the battle of: Chapar Chiri
9 Banda Bahadur was defeated in the battle of: Gurdas Nangal (Gurdaspur)
10 Banda Bahadur was tortured and executed in the year: 1716 AD
11 Banda Bahadur established his headquarter at which place: Mukhlisar (presently in Haryana near Sadaura in Distt Jagadhari)
12 Mukhlisar was renamed by Banda Bahadur as: Lohgarh
13 _____ was capital of first Sikh state under Banda Singh Bahadur from years 1710-1715: Lohgarh
14 Name the person who is known as 'Bearded Mother Terresa': Bhagat Puran Singh
15 Lala Lajpat Rai was known as: Punjab Kesari
16 Who is known as Flying Sikh of India: Milkha Singh
17 Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was citizen of: France
18 During the Mahabharata period Punjab was known as: Panchnada
19 Major Gen. Rajinder Singh is also known as: Sparrow
20 Which Mughal king was instrumental in execution of 'Banda Bahadur': Farukh Siyar
21 In which year 'Zakariya Khan' became governor of Punjab: 1726 AD
22 In which year Nadir Shah attacked Punjab: 1738 AD
23 Mir Manu became governor of Punjab in which year: 1748 AD
24 When was Dal Khalsa found: 1748 AD
25 In which year Maharaja Ranjit Singh annexed Lahore: 1799 AD
26 Maharaja Ranjit Singh Annexed Amritsar in: 1802 AD
27 Kashmir became part of Lahore Durbar (Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh) in the year: 1819 AD
28 The regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was also known as: Lahore Durbar
29 Treaty of Amritsar was signed in the year: 1809 AD
30 Maharaja Ranjit Singh was crowned on: April 12, 1801 AD
31 Maharaja Ranjit Singh belonged to _____ Misal: Shukerchakia
32 What was the name of father of Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Sardar Maha Singh
33 Maharaja Ranjit Singh belongs to Sikh clan: Sandhwalia
34 Maharaja Ranjit Singh was crowned by: Sri Sahib Singh Bedi
35 Sri Sahib Singh Bedi was a descendent of: Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
36 Takhat Sri Patna Sahib and Takhat Sri Hajoor Sahib was got built by: Maharaja Ranjit Singh
37 Maharaja Ranjit Singh got _____ gold plated: Sri Harminder Sahib
38 During the reign of Banda Bahadur, Sikhs got divided into: Tat Khalsa and Bandai Sikhs
39 Name the person who united Tat khalsa (sZs ykb;k) and Bandai The Sikhs: Bhai Mani Singh
40 Bandi Chhor Diwas is coincides with which Hindu festival: Dipawali
41 Singhpuria Misal was founded by: Nawab Kapur Singh
42 The other name of Singhpuria Misal was: Faizalpuria
43 Aahluwalia Misal was founded by: Jassa Singh Aahluwalia
44 Jassa Singh Aahluwalia was given the title of _____ by Nawab Kapur Singh: Sultan-ul-quam
45 Shukherchakia Misal was founded by: Sardar Charat Singh (Grandfather of Maharaja Ranjit Singh)
46 Small Holocaust took place in the year: 1746 AD at Kahnuwan (Gurdaspur)
47 The 2nd Holocaust took place at a place near Ahmedgarh called: Village Kup
48 The 2nd Holocaust took place in the year: 1762 AD
49 In the 2nd Holocaust Sikhs were defeated by: Ahmed Shah Abdali
50 The 2nd Holocaust is known as: Wadda Khalughara
51 Dal Khalsa was organized into two sections: Budha Dal and Taruna Dal
52 Nirankari Movement was founded by: Baba Dayal Das
53 Which movement was founded by Baba Ram Singh: Namdari
54 Baba Ram Singh was disciple of whom: Baba Balak Singh
55 The founder of Kuka Movement was: Baba Balak Singh
56 Singh Sabha movement started in the year: October 1, 1873 AD
57 The first president of Singh Sabha Movement was: Thakur Singh Sandhwalia
58 Who was the first President of Shriomani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee: Baba Kharak Singh
59 How many districts are in the state of Punjab: 23
60 Punjab is divided into how many divisions: 5
61 The latest division constituted is: Roopnagar
62 What is the previous name of Roopnagar: Ropar
63 Longowal institute of engineering and technology is situated in: Distt Sangrur (Longowal)
64 How many members of Parliament to Lok Sabha are elected from the state of Punjab: 13
65 In which year was Punjabi declared as the official language of the Punjab: 1966
66 The most famous city of Punjab is: Amritsar
67 Which is the largest international airport in Punjab: Raja Sansi, Amritsar
68 The international airport situated at Raja Sansi Amritsar is known as: Guru Ram Das International Airport
69 The Anandpur Sahib Resolution was adopted by Akali Dal in the year: 1973
70 According to World Bank _____ is the easiest city to do business: Ludhiana
71 The most polluted city in Punjab is: Ludhiana
72 The old name of Punjab was: Sapta Sindhu
73 What is the name of the place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji met 'Sidhas': Kailash Parbat
74 Kailash Parbat is also known as: Sumer Parbat
75 _____ is also known as "Hind Di Chaddar": Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
76 Which Guru is known as 'Shahidaan De Sartaj': Guru Arjan Dev Ji
77 Sikh heritage complex has been developed at: Anandpur Sahib
78 Rajiv Gandhi Law University is situated at: Patiala
79 National Institute of Sports is situated in which city of Punjab: Patiala
80 Beating The Retreat is held at the international border between India and Pakistan at: Wagha Border (Attari, Amritsar)
81 What is the name of the Punjabi Poetess to get the Jananpith Award: Amrita Pritam
82 Who was the first governor of the state of Punjab: Chandu lal Trivedi
83 Punjabi University was established at Patiala in the year: 1962
84 The first Punjabi novelist to get Jananpith Award: Gurdial Singh
85 Who was the first 'Akali' Chief Minister of Punjab: Justice Gurnam Singh
86 Who became the first Chief Minister of Punjab at the time of partition in 1947: Dr. Gopi Chand Bhargava
87 Dr. Gopi Chand Bhargava belonged to which party: Indian National Congress
88 The borders of Punjab are contagious with how many Indian states: Four
89 Name the four states with which Punjab shares its borders: Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J & K and Rajasthan
90 As per 2011 census what is the population of Punjab: 2.77 crores
91 How many MLAs are elected to Vidhan Sabha of Puniab: 117
92 Which district has been carved out of Ferozpur in 2011: Fazilka
93 Fazilka is ______ district of Punjab: 21st
94 Pathankot was given the status of district in 2011. Out of which district was this district carved out: Gurdaspur
95 What was the original name of Guru Angad Dev Ji: Bhai Lehna Ji
96 In the battle of Anandpur Sahib, a disciple supplied water to all soldiers irrespective of the fact whether they belonged to forces led by Guru Gobind Singh Ji or Mughals. His name was: Bhai Kanhaiya
97 Hazoor Sahib is situated at the banks of which river: Godavari
98 The Sikh flag is known as: Nishan Sahib
99 Number of alphabets in 'Gurmukhi' are: 35
100 Guru Nanak Dev was born at which place: Talwandi (Nankana Sahib) presently in Pakistan
101 Who composed 'Anand Sahib": Guru Amardas
102 Guru Amardas was born at: Village Basarke
103 Guru Ramdas born at: Lahore (Chuna Mandi)
104 Which Mughal ruler got guru Arjan Dev Ji executed: Emperor Jahanagir
105 In which year Guru Arjan Dev Ji attained Martyrdom: 1606 AD
106 How was Guru Hargobind related to Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Guru Hargobind was son of Guru Arjan Dev Ji
107 Guru Harbogind was born at: Guru ki Wadali (Amritsar)
108 In which year was Guru Harkrishan Ji born: 1656 AD
109 Guru Harkrishan was son of: Guru Har Rai Ji
110 How was Guru Har Rai related to Guru Hargobind: Guru Har Rai was grandson of Guru Hargobind Ji
111 What was the name of father of Guru Har Rai: Bhai Gurditta Ji
112 Who was the 9ih Guru of The Sikhs: Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji
113 Guru Tegh Bahadur was son of: Guru Hargobind Ji (6th Guru of The Sikhs)
114 At which place was Guru Tegh Bahadur born: Amritsar
115 In which year was Guru Gobind Singh Ji born: 1666 AD
116 In which year Guru Gobind Singh Ji breathed his last: 1708 AD
117 Name the emperor who got the 9th Guru of Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji executed: Aurangzeb
118 In which year Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji attained Martyrdom: 11th November, 1675
119 At which place Guru Gobind Singh Ji breathed his last: Hazoor Sahib (Maharashtra)
120 By which other name is Hazoor Sahib known as: Nanded
121 To whom was the Zaffarnamah addressed: Aurangzeb
122 What is the meaning of Zaffarnamah: Epistle of Victory
123 In which language is Zaffarnamah written: Persian
124 Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in the year: 1469 AD
125 In which year did Guru Nanak Dev Ji breathed his last: 1539 AD
126 The 'Travels' by Guru Nanak Dev Ji are known as: Udasis
127 How many journeys were undertaken by Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Four
128 What was the name of Father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Mehta Kalyan Das
129 What was the name of mother of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Mata Tripta Ji
130 Name the wife of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Mata Sulakhni
131 Name the wife of Guru Angad Dev Ji, whose name also appears in Guru Granth Sahib: Mata Khivi
132 Who were the contemporary rulers of India during the times of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Lodhis, Babur, Himayun
133 Which Mughal emperor visited and paid obeisance to Guru Amar Das Ji: Akbar
134 Guru Amar Das Ji directed the mughal emperor to _____ before paying his obeisance: Sit in the langar and partake food with commoners
135 How was the Guru Ram Das Ji related to Guru Amar Das Ji: Guru Ram Das Ji was son in law of Guru Amar Das Ji
136 What was the name of wife of Guru Ram Das Ji: Bibi Bhani
137 What was the name of father of Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Guru Ram Das Ji
138 Name the contemporary rulers during the times of Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Akbar and Jahangir
139 Guru Hargobind Ji was imprisoned by which Mughal king: Jahangir
140 At which place was Guru Hargobind imprisoned: Gwalior Fort
141 Name the Gurdwara which stand at the place where Guru Arjan Dev Ji was Martyred: Gurudwara Dehra Sahib (Lahore, in 1606)
142 What was the name of wife of Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Mata Ganga Ji
143 What was the original name of Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Arjan Mal
144 Which city was founded by the 3rd guru of Sikhs Guru Amardas Ji: Gobindwal Sahib
145 Which city was founded by Guru Angad Dev Ji, the 2nd guru: Khadoor Sahib
146 What was the original name of Guru Ramdas Ji, 4th Sikh guru: Bhai Jetha Ji
147 Which "Salokas" by Guru Nanak referred to invasion bv Babar: Babarvani
148 Where was Guru Nanak imprisoned by Babar forces: Sayyadpur, In Pakistan
149 Name the place and the Gurudwara where Guru Nanak Dev Ji mollified Vali Kandhari: Panja Sahib
150 What was the name of the demon Guru Nanak Dev Ji met while passing through Assam: Kauda Rakshash
151 What is the name of the composition that records the dialogue between Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Sidhas: Sidh Ghosht
152 What is the name of the two accomplices of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Bhai Mardana Ji and Bhai Bala Ji
153 Name the Muslim accomplice of Guru Nanak Ji who carried "Rabab" with him: Bhai Mardana
154 The concept of 'MIRI-PIRI' was established by: Guru Hargobind Ji
155 Which guru was made to sit on hot iron plate and burning sand was put on his body: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
156 Which guru established Amritsar: Guru Ramdas Ji
157 Which guru got the tank in Amritsar excavated: Guru Ramdas Ji
158 Name the spiritual leader who got Harmandir Sahib built: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
159 Who compiled Adi Granth: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
160 Adi Granth is also known as: Pothi Sahib
161 Adi Granth contained 'Vani' of how many Sikh Guru's: Five
162 The Guru Granth Sahib contains vani of how many Sikh gurus: Six (First Five and The Ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji)
163 Who was the first head granthi of Harmandir Sahib: Baba Budha Ji
164 How many pages does Guru Granth Sahib contained: 1430 pages
165 When was Guru Granth Sahib anointed as eternal guru of The Sikhs: 6th October, 1708
166 In which year construction of Harmandir Sahib completed: 1589 AD
167 Who was the scribe of Adi Granth: Bhai Gurdas Ji
168 Name the institution started by the 6th Guru Hargobind Ji: Akal Takhat
169 At what age Baba Budha Ji passed away: 125 years in 1631
170 How many Guru's did Baba Budha Ji serve: Six
171 "Asa Di Var" is composed by: Guru Nanak Dev ji
172 Japj Sahib is the vani of which Sikh Guru: Guru Nanak Dev Ji
173 Who laid the foundation of Harmandir Sahib (Amritsar): Mian Mir
174 Who was the scribe of Guru Granth Sahib when it was dictated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Bhai Mani Singh
175 Sukhmani Sahib is composition of which Guru: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
176 What was the original name of Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Gobind Rai
177 Apart from the 'vani' of six gurus, Guru Granth Sahib contains compositions of how many Bhagats: Fifteen
178 Apart from Gurus and Bhagats, Guru Granth Sahib contains compositions of Bhattas: Eleven
179 Name the person who got the Gurudwara at Nanded (Hazoor Sahib) built: Maharaja Ranjit Singh
180 How many Hymns in Guru Granth Sahib are contributed by Fifteen Bhagats: 922
181 Which Bhagat has Hymns in Guru Granth Sahib: Bhagat Kabir
182 How many Hymns of Bhagat Kabir are included in Guru Granth Sahib: 541
183 What was the hereditary occupation of Bhagat Kabir: Weaver
184 Bhagat Kabir belonged to which cast: Julaha
185 At which place in Delhi was Guru Tegh Bahadur martyred: Chandani Chowk
186 Which Gurudwara is situated at Chandani Chowk in memory of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji: Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib
187 Name the Gurudwara situated at the place where body of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji was cremated: Gurudwara Rakab Ganj
188 Who carried the head of Guru Tegh Bahadur from Delhi to Anandpur Sahib: Bhai Jaita Ji
189 Name the three persons who were martyred along with Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib: Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Dayala
190 What was the name of the leader of delegation of Kashmiri Brahmans that came to seek help from Guru Tegh Bahadur: Pandit Kirpa Ram
191 Who built the Gurdwaras Rakab Ganj and Sis Ganj built: Sardar Baghel Singh in 1790
192 Gurmukhi script was standardized by: 2nd Guru Angad Dev ji
193 On which day of 1699 Guru Gobind Singh Ji created Panth Khalsa: Vaisakhi (13th April 1699)
194 Which person is said to have betrayed Mata Gujri Ji and two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Gangu Brahamin
195 Name the Gurudwara which stands at the place where two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were bricked alive: Fatehgarh Sahib Gurudwara
196 Name the five takhats:
  • 1) Akal Takhat (Amritsar)
  • 2) Damdama Sahib (Talwandi Sabo)
  • 3) Keshgarh Sahib (Anandpur Sahib)
  • 4) Patna Sahib (Bihar)
  • 5) Hazoor Sahib (Nanded)
197 Banda Bahadur was executed during the reign of which Mughal ruler: Farukh Siyyar
198 Banda Bahadur was baptised by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and was given the name ______: Gurubaksh Singh.
199 Which city was established by Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Kartarpur
200 Amritsar Sahib was established by which Sikh Guru: Guru Ram Das
201 Taran-Taran was established by: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
202 Apart from Taran-Taran Sahib which other city was establish by Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Kiratpur
203 Guru Arjan Dev was born at: Gobindwal Sahib
204 Guru Nanak Dev was married to Mata Sulakhni. The marriage took place in city: Batala
205 The erstwhile name of Amritsar was: Guru ka Chak
206 The original name of Nankana Sahib was: Talwandi Rai Bhoe
207 Guru Nanak Dev had two sons. Their names are: Baba Sri Chand and Lakhmi Chand
208 Mian - Mir led the foundation stone of Harmandir Sahib. The design of Harminder sahib was conceived by: Guru Ramdas Ji
209 Prithi Chand was brother of which Sikh Guru: Guru Arjan Dev
210 Guru Ram Das, before he was anointed the fourth Guru of Sikhs was known by the name: Bhai Jetha Ji
211 Bhai Guru Das was son of younger brother of which Sikh Guru: Guru Amardas
212 Which Sikh Guru introduced the system of Masand: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
213 The first Sikh Guru to be martyred was: Guru Arjan Dev Ji
214 Guru Gobind Singh Ji had sons: Four
215 Two elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh were martyred in the battle of: Chamkaur Sahib
216 The name of sons of Guru Gobind Singh who were martyred in the battle of Chamkaur Sahib were: Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh
217 The younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh were bricked alive at which place: Sirhind (Fatehgarh Sahib)
218 The name of two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who were bricked alive at Sirhind were: Baba Fateh Singh and Zoravar Singh
219 Which Guru built a fort at Amritsar: Guru Hargobind Sahib
220 The fort built by Guru Hargobind Ji at Amritsar was known by the name of: Lohgarh
221 Another fort by the name of Lohgarh was built near Sadhaura in Haryana by: Banda Bahadur
222 The first Sikh Guru to wear a "Kalgi" on his turban: Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji
223 Tyagmal was the original name of which Sikh Guru: Guru Tegh Bahadur
224 Which Sikh Guru was born in the city of Patna: Guru Gobind Singh Ji
225 Which Sikh Guru passed on the "Guruship" Guru Granth Sahib: Guru Gobind Singh Ji
226 The autobiography of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is called: Bachitra Natak
227 Masand system was established by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. This system was abolished by: Guru Gobind Singh Ji
228 The concept of Panj Pyare was conceived by which Sikh Guru: Guru Gobind Singh Ji
229 The present day Mukatsar was earlier known by the name of: Khidrana-Di-Dhab
230 The name of mother of Guru Gobind Singh was: Mata Gujri
231 The place where forty followers of Guru Gobind Singh attained martyrdom while fighting to save Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Mukatsar
232 The belongings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were lost in ____ the river while he left Anandpur Sahib: Siswan
233 The Guru Granth Sahib in the present format was composed by Guru Gobind Singh at which place: Damdama Sahib
234 Gurudwara Damadama Sahib is situated at: Talwandi Sabo
235 Chappar Chiri memorial has been built to commemorate the victory of forces led by _____ over Mughals: Banda Bahadur
236 Guru Gobind Singh addressed a letter to Mughal King Aurangzeb. It is known as: Zafarnama
237 Apart from Zafarnama, Guru Gobind Singh also composed: Dasam Granth
238 Savaye Sahib is a composition by which Sikh Guru: Guru Gobind Singh Ji
239 Banda Bahadur defeated which Mughal Subedar at the battle of Chappar Chiri: Wazir Khan
240 Guru Tegh Bahadur purchased land from ruler of _____ to establish a new city: Bilaspur (presently in Himachal Pradesh)
241 Guru Tegh Bahadur purchased land in the village _____ to establish a new city: Makhowa
242 The city established by Guru Tegh Bahadur at Makhowa was named as: Chak Nanki
243 The city 'Chak Nanki' was established by Guru Tegh Bahadur after the name of his: Mother
244 The present name of Chak Nanki is: Anandpur Sahib
245 The "Takhat" at Anandpur Sahib is known as: Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahib
246 The birth place of Khalsa is located in Anandpur Sahib and is known as: Takhat Sri Darbar Sahib Keshgarh Sahib
247 The word Punjab has been taken from which language: Persian
248 During the Vedic period Punjab was known by the name of: Sapt Sindhu
249 During a Pre-Aryan period Punjab was known by the name of: Panchnad
250 In the Greek literature Punjab finds its mention as: Panta Potamia
251 The famous center of learning in ancient Punjab was known by the name of: Takshila
252 Takshila at present is located in: Pakistan
253 During the Vedic period Punjab was known as Sapt Sindhu. What is the meaning of Sapt Sindhu: Land of Seven Rivers
254 The earliest known invasion of Punjab was by: Alexander of Macedonia
255 Alexander defeated the Indian king ___________: King Porus
256 Porus was defeated by Alexander in the battle of: Hydespus
257 Hydespus is the other name of river: Jhelum
258 Mohd. Gajini is said to have invaded India: 17 times
259 In the 13th century Mohd. Ghori defeated ______ to establish his regime in India: Prithvi Raj Chauhan
260 In the 16th century forces led by Babar defeated whom to establish Mughal empire: Ibrahim Lodhi
261 Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated by Babar in the first battle of: Panipat
262 The first battle of Panipat was fought in the year: 1526 AD
263 The 2nd battle of Panipat was fought between forces led by Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi in the year: 1556 AD
264 The 2nd battle of Panipat was fought between forces of Akbar and _____: Hemu
265 Timur Lang invaded India in the year: 1398 AD
266 Who emerged victorious in the 3rd battle of Panipat: Ahmed Shah Abdali
267 Who was appointed Subedar of Sirhind by Ahmed Shah Abadli: Ala Singh of Patiala
268 The first Anglo Sikh war was fought in: 1845
269 The second Anglo Sikh was fought between: 1848 -1849
270 At the time of second Anglo Sikh war, Punjab was governed by: Maharaja Dalip Singh
271 After the first Anglo Sikh war, who was appointed as the ruler of Punjab: Maharani Jindan
272 After the 2nd Anglo Sikh war, Punjab was made: Province of British Indian Empire
273 At the time of independence in 1947, Punjab was divided into: West Punjab (Pakistan) and East Punjab (India)
274 What was the name of the new Indian state constituted by merging eight Indian princely states of Punjab region: PEPSU
275 What is the full form of PEPSU: Patiala and Eastern Punjab States Union
276 Seven Indian princely states which were merged to constitute PEPSU: Patiala, Nabha, Jind, Kapurthala, Malerkotla, Faridkot, Kalsian and Nalagarh
277 Who was the first Rajpramukh of PEPSU? Maharaja Yadavindra Singh of Patiala
278 Who was the Up-Rajpramukh of PEPSU: Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala
279 PEPSU was created by the merger of seven Indian princely states in the year: 1950
280 PEPSU was merged in the state of Punjab in the year: 1956
281 In which year was Punjab divided to create another state of Haryana: 1966
282 On which date was Punjab divided to create the new state of Haryana: November 1, 1966
283 Which committee was appointed by the government of India to settle the territorial boundaries between Punjab and Haryana: Justice J. C. Shah Commission
284 In which year was operation "Blue Star" conducted by Indian Army to flush out terrorist from Golden Temple: June, 1984
285 Who was the leader of the Sikh organizations, who died while fighting against Indian Army in the operation "Blue Star": Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale
286 In which year was agreement signed between Akali Dal and Government of India to resolve the Punjab issue: 1985
287 The agreement to resolve the Punjab issue signed in the year 1985 is known as: Rajiv Longowal Agreement
288 Name the army general who led operation "Blue Star": Lt. General K. Sundarji
289 In the operation "Blue Star" Army forces were led by who was attacked recently in London (UK): Lt. General K.S. Brar
290 In which year was Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee formed: 1920
291 Under which Act was SGPC recognized and constituted under it: Sikh Gurudwara Act, 1925
292 Arya Samaj movement was founded by whom: Swami Dayanand Saraswati
293 In which year Swami Dayanand founded the movement of Arya Samaj: 1875 AD
294 Which movement was founded by Shiv Naryan Agnihotri in the year 1887: Dev Samaj Movement
295 Which movement was started to reform Islam and defend it against Christian missionaries and Arya Samajists: Ahmadiyya Movement
296 Ahmadiyya Movement also known as Qadiani Movement was founded by: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
297 The area between Satluj and Beas rivers is called _____: Bist Doab.
298 The area between rivers Ravi and Chenab is called ______: Rachna Doab
299 What is the name of the area which falls between Chenab and Jhelum rivers: Chhaj Doab
300 Which part of the Punjab is called "Bangar Pradesh": Area falling between Ghaggar and Yamuna
301 The present day Punjab constitutes ____ percent of total geographical area of India. 1.54%
302 Shivallik ranges are situated on which side of Punjab: North East
303 How many states have border adjoining with Punjab: Four
304 What is the total no. of districts in the present day Punjab: 22
305 How many districts are in Majha area of Punjab: Four
306 The no. of districts in Malwa region of Punjab are: 14
307 The no. of districts in Doaba region of Punjab are: Four
308 Which area is called heart of Punjab: Majha
309 "Khader" areas are known by the name of _____ in Punjab: Baet
310 At which place river Beas merges with river Satluj: Harike Pattan
311 Bhakhra Canal originates from which river: Satluj
312 On which river has Pong dam been constructed: Beas
313 Which major Industrial town is situated on banks of river Satluj: Ludhiana
314 Ranjit Sagar Dam is constructed on which river: Ravi
315 Which rivers crisscrosses border between India and Pakistan: Ravi
316 Which is the smallest river flowing in Punjab: Beas
317 Beas River originates from ________: Beas Kund near Rohtang Pass
318 Which is the Longest River in Punjab: Satluj
319 Which is the longest canal of Punjab: Sirhind Canal
320 River Satluj originates from which place: Mansarover Lake in Tibet
321 Satluj River flows from which two states of India: HP and Punjab
322 Ropar Thermal Plant is situated on banks of which river: Satluj
323 Bhakhra Dam is situated in which district: Roop Nagar District
324 In which year Bhakhra Dam was constructed: 22 October 1963
325 Which of the following Dam in India has celebrated 50 year establishment: Bhakhra Dam
326 What is the length of Bhakhra Dam? 518.25 meters
327 What is the height of Bhakhra Dam? 225.55 meters
328 From which district Sirhind Canal originates? Roop Nagar
329 Which canal was constructed in 1980's to supply water to Haryana but is not in use? Satluj Yamuna Link Canal (SYL Canal)
330 Rivers of Punjab flows from _____ to ______: North East to South West
331 Amritsar falls in which doab area of Punjab: Bari Doab
332 Which river is used to flow in Punjab but now vanished: Saraswati
333 In prior to Partition of Punjab in 1945. How many districts were in the state of Punjab? 29
334 What was the name given to the region of Punjab which became part of India after partition? East Punjab
335 How many districts were in East Punjab? 21
336 How many districts were in Punjab on 1st Nov 1966 after bifurcation of Punjab? 11
337 Which place was the capital of Punjab from 1947-53? Shimla
338 In which year was PEPSU merged with Punjab? 1956
339 How many princely states were merged to create PEPSU? 8
340 Which was the largest princely state among the 8 princely states merged in 1948 to create PEPSU? Patiala
341 Upper Bari Doab Canal originates from which river: Ravi
342 Anandpur Sahib is situated in which district: Roop Nagar ( Ropar)
343 Geographically Punjab ranks _____ in population Census (2011) of India: 15th
344 Punjab ranks 15th in terms of population and accounts for _____ of the total population of India: 2.3%
345 Upper Bari Doab Hydel power station is situated at which place: Malikpur (Pathankot)
346 At which place in Punjab, is largest Railway Junction situated: Bhatinda
347 Which canal originate from Harrike barrage: Makkhu
348 Makkhu canal originates from Harrike barrage and irrigates which part of Punjab: Moga
349 According to 2011 census what is the ratio of Punjab population as compared with the total population of India: 2.3%
350 How much of the population lives in Malwa region of Punjab: 59.93%
351 ______ % of its population lives in Majha area of Punjab: 21.30
352 What is share of population that lives in Doaba area of Punjab: 18.77%
353 How much of Punjab population lives in rural areas of Punjab: 62.5%
354 How much of Indian population lives in rural areas: 68.8%
355 __________ % of Punjab population lives in urban areas: 37.5%
356 What is rank of Punjab in terms urbanization among states/UTs: 13th
357 How many cities are two million plus cities in Punjab: Two (Amritsar and Ludhiana)
358 As per census 2011, Scheduled Castes in India constitute _____ % of Indian population: 16.6%
359 As per 2011 census percentage of Scheduled caste population in Punjab is: 31.9%
360 The rank of Punjab in terms of percentage of population with scheduled caste population is: First
361 As per 2011 census, Punjab accounts for ________ of the total scheduled castes population in India: 4.4%
362 _____ % of population in Punjab lives in rural area: 62.51%
363 At which place Beas river merge with Satluj: Hari ke Pattan
364 Harrike Pattan falls in which district of Punjab? Taran-taran
365 Which National Highway connects Delhi with Wagah Border: NH1
366 What is the length of national highway No. NH-1: 456km
367 What is the total length of national highways passing through Punjab: 1749Km
368 How many national highways pass through Punjab: 12
369 Which state is on the eastern border of Punjab: Himachal Pradesh
370 Which state lies to the North of Punjab: Jammu and Kashmir
371 Which grain market is known as the largest in the whole Asia: Khanna
372 District Fazilka was created in which year: July 2011
373 The present day Fazilka was part of which district of Punjab: Ferozepur
374 Which Bein flow between Satluj and Beas river: Kali and Chitti
375 Which district of Punjab has the highest literacy rate? Hoshiarpur
376 The geographical location of Punjab is: 29 degree.30', 32degree.32', 73degree.55', 76degree.50
377 Which place in Punjab is famous for its furniture: Kartarpur
378 Rail Coach Factory is situated in which district: Kapurthala
379 Guru Gobind Oil Refinery is situated in which district: Bhatinda
380 Central University of Punjab is situated district: Bathinda
381 Virasat-e-Khalsa museum is situated at ______: Anandpur Sahib
382 Pushpa Gujral Museum is situated in _____: Kapurthala
383 Which district of Punjab does not have contagious boundary: Kapurthala
384 At which place is fertilizer producing plant is situated in Punjab: Nangal
385 Punjab produces _____ % of total cotton crop produced in India: 10.26%
386 How much area of Punjab is good for cultivation: 83%
387 Punjab produces _____ percent of wheat of the total production of India: 17%
388 What is the percentage of cotton production of Punjab as compared to cotton produced in the Whole world in the year 2012-13 : 2%
389 Punjab produces ____ percent of total rice produced in the world in the vear 2012-13: 1%
390 In which Udasi Mardana accompanied Guru Nanak Dev: Ist and 4th
391 The source river Satluj originates at: West of lake Rakshastal in Tibet
392 The rivers Satluj enter in India at: Shipki in Himachal Pradesh
393 Which river joins Satluj at Hari-ke-patan: Beas
394 Which movie has been made on the life history of the last Sikh king Maharaja Dalip Singh: The Black Prince
395 Name the last battle fought between the Sikhs and the British during second Anglo Sikh wars: Battle of Gujarat
396 Who was appointed as the British resident in the Lahore darbar of Mahara Dulip Singh after the first Anglo Sikh war: Sir Henry Lawrence
397 Name the mother of Maharaja Duleep Singh who was exiled by Henry Lawrence: Maharani Jind Kaur
398 Who was the Governor of Multan during the regine of Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Diwan Mulraj
399 Who was the immediate successor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Kharak Singh
400 Name the Dogra king who purchased Kashmir from East India Company and was granted the title of Maharaja : Gulab Singh

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